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You live in the dense forests of Georgia, not the plains of Kansas.In semi-auto operation, everything is simple, over-engineered and reliable.Varmint Hunting Air Rifles. (at least 700 FPS in a.22 cal,. We often get phone calls and emails asking us what the best air rifle is for varmint hunting.Any head or torso shot with a slug is going to blow a significant hole in him, and all the walk is going to go out of his feet.Chuck Hawks shares his information about buying your first.22 rifle.If they are going to carry a long gun, why not have the benefit of a rifle caliber.

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So when that armed intruder steps behind the sheet-rock wall, you want to be sure that wall is concealment, not cover.

The Accurate Squirrel Rifle. Of course you can dispatch a squirrel or a rabbit with any 22 round, but the high speed 22 long rifle hollow point is the best.

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While serving in Africa, I had with me a 0.308 Winchester 88, For ammunition it used 180 and 200 grain bullets, depending on the game.

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The grooved receiver accepts scope bases and the cross-bolt safety is easy to use.Go with the Direct Impingement model over the piston, there is no real advantage of the piston over DI and the DI is more readily available.The AK-47 is fine for combat but it has its issues, the most glaring is that with all the different countries making them, the specs are across the board.The area you live in also dictates the kind of large game hunting rifle that suits you and your area best.The Ruger and the Remington are competitors in the semi-automatic.22LR regime, however, over the years the public has voted with their pocketbooks and the Ruger comes out on top.In a true EOTW scenario 22s could also be used for barter without hurting too much.

It was actually designed to be lite, cheap, and wound the enemy more that kill them.Plus, with 75 rounds at your fingertips, the temptation to spray and pray, rather than carefully aim, may cause you to waste a ton of ammo unintentionally.

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The best survival weapon is whatever YOU own and are most proficient with.Browse all new and used Tactical Rifles - Rimfire for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International.The 39 is a very accurate.22, which makes it a great target and small-game rifle.

I read a bunch of these replies and I have an interesting gun to offer up.Dropping three or four squirrels ( or rabbits ) every few days can get your family by in a pinch.The side rail mount of the large, somewhat heavy scope, along with the significant slamming of the mass of the gas piston and bolt within the rifle, prevented the scope from holding a reliable zero.I have seen the AK placed on other peoples SHTF list but the AR is more versatile.Ideally you would want to store the ammo until needed but in a SHTF situation, the first rule of survival is to be mobile, often in a moments notice.

Best choice is either a handgun (not what this article is about) or a 5.56 rifle firing 55gr expanding ammunition.Realistically, the full auto function of the original is relatively useless, unless you are fighting in a small room or spraying and praying to provide covering fire for someone else.

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A quality revolver is more accurate and reliable than any auto and the 357 has plenty of power and most importantly can share 38 rounds as well.

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The Marlin is a high-quality rifle with a checkered walnut stock and a recoil pad, although kick is hardly a factor.The semiautomatic design is reliable, and this gun works well for training, plinking, target shooting and small-game hunting.Despite the current shortage of ammo, rimfire rifles remain popular firearms.The 556 was actually so ineffective against armor that the 300 Blackout round was designed.ONLY after I proved reliability to myself to bet my life on it or not.There are a lot more squirrel, rabbit, possum and other varmints around than there are deer.

This little jewel is a compact carbine, packs a 5.56 mm punch, is semi-automatic, reliable, durable, and optics ready.Sorry to disagree but my survival rifle would be a savage over n under combo in 223 n 12 gauge.

Check out our list of the best rimfire optics for your rifle.Not an easy list to make with all of the great.22 caliber air rifles on the market, but when the major companies in existence are so good it really narrows things.Well, you need a cartridge that can reach out and stay lethal at 300 yards or more.Plus, the newer take-down versions break down into component pieces.In a shft situation I want something that can shoot ever I can get my hands on.However, the one concession I would make is to add a holographic sight.

Barrel replacement is a simple project that the owner can do without having to go to a gunsmith.However, having taken it down for cleaning and discovering all the small and seemingly fragile internal parts, I have to say the Ruger seems like a more durable design in the long run.

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Now, the company is also offering an American rifle chambered in.22 LR,.22 WMR and.17 HMR. The American Rimfire comes with a synthetic stock featuring two different modular stocks, one with a high comb designed for use with a scope and one with a straight comb that aligns the eye with the adjustable iron sights.

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